Wine Glass Charms for bright party

Bright accessories for every party


The original and unbelievably beautiful wine charms for glasses from Stefania Sole have the shapes of animals and sea creatures, and make stylish decorations for weddings, festivals, parties or other occasions. A steel ring with multicolor beads and a very beautiful stainless steel hanger is not only a decorative item but a useful one which will let your guests easily find their glass at a party.

We offer 2 options for the set of 6 wine charms for glasses: animals or sea creatures. An original handmade design makes our wine charms for glasses unique decorations which create a lively mood and make any event more festive.

 The wine charms, which are packed in a stylish bag in which they can be stored when they are not being used, will impress any hostess. These original decorations in a beautiful bag are the best gift for any friend or relative. If you want to surprise relatives with a unique gift, buy them glass charms for drinks – they are useful and beautiful accessories, which are needed in every home. The low cost is one more reason to buy Stefania Sole holiday charms for wine glasses right now!

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Wine glass charms



Wine glass charms
Wine glass charms


Wine glass charms are made for decorating glasses at weddings, parties, family dinners, and other occasions. The set of 6 handmade decorations, which look like animals or sea creatures, creates a festive mood and is the perfect decoration for your holiday.

Wine glass charms
Wine glass charms


We pack our lovely wine charms for glasses in beautiful bags which are convenient, and easy to transport and store.

Wine glass charms
Wine glass charms


Looking for an original gift for friends and relatives? The Stefania Sole wine charm gift set is exactly what you need. A unique, very beautiful designed, stylish and functional decoration at a low price – it truly is the ideal gift.

Wine glass charms
Wine glass charms


Using our wine glass charms is fun and easy. There’s a special hook on the steel ring which locks and unlocks easily, securing the decoration to the stem of the glass. The beads are cute and won’t scratch your glasses, since the charms are made of stainless steel – a high-quality and durable material. The different colors and designs of the decorations make your holiday as stylish as you are, and we are sure that your guests will love them!

Wine glass charms
Wine glass charms


Fun parties and festive events involve the communication of many people. Perfect for those who don’t like walking around with a glass in their hand or those who are always looking for their glass among dozens of absolutely identical ones (especially at a fun party). You don’t have to deal with this problem anymore. With the wine glass charms sets every glass becomes unique, and it will never be difficult to find yours.





    Q: How strong is the ring and is it strong enough to hold the charm?

    A: The special hook on the ring is very durable and will not unlock even if you move it a lot.

    Q: How heavy are these charms? Can they break my glass?
    A: The charms are very light, because the beads are made of plastic, the ring is made of stainless steel and the charms themselves are made of zinc alloy, so they can’t leave even a scratch.

    Q: Can I wash these charms in a washing machine?

    A: Rinsing them in warm water will be enough. The materials used in the manufacturing of the charms are non-corrosive.


    Q: How do you handle them after use?

    A: You just wash them and let them dry. After that you can store them in the velvet bag, which is included in the set.

    Q: How durable is the velvet bag? Can it untie?

    A: The velvet bag is made of durable fabric, which is hard to tear. The string on the bag is very easy to handle and will secure the safety of your charms.

    Q: Are these charms handmade?

    A: Yes, all our products are handmade. All the charms are created by talented and able artisans.

Q: Do you have plans for new designs in the future?
 A: Yes, we plan to broaden our range of designs as soon as possible.


    “Stefania Sole” is one of the few pioneers in the sphere of wine glass accessories. Despite we are a brand new company, we take pride in the exceptional quality of our products and services. Our main aim is to bring joy and fun to our customers and their families with the goods we produce. Our wine glass charms will surely be a great addition for your party.

    Our process of manufacturing is very precise and meticulous. Wine glass charms are usually made of plastic or pewter, but we use only the best stainless steel and cooperate only with the most skillful and experienced craftsmen. We can guarantee that the durability of our wine glass charms will not leave you unsatisfied. Our team of creative designers has created our current range of unique and original charms, which were previously unseen on the market. Wine glass charms made by our company are very practical in use as they can deal with the problem of mixed-up glasses, are easily locked and unlocked and can be conveniently packaged.

    Customer service is also among our top priorities. We will be more than glad to answer all your questions about our merchandise. We in “Stefania Sole” think that customer’s needs come first and are happy to bring something new to your life.